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Our Focus


Industrial Automation


We provide recruitment solutions for lots of globle clients from industrial automation. Our professional and experienced consultant will give you the best service based on their successful cases and experience. we attempt to develop a sustainable competitive advantageby means of differentiation and niche strategy.

Industrial automation has a bright future, so we will focus on this field consistently.



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Construction and Building Material Industry


we accumulated many talent resource in construction and building material industry in the past years, also have good partnership with some clients from fortune 500 companies. Based on the business pipeline , We firmly believe that we can provide the best solutions and service to you.



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Mechanical Manufacturing Industry


At present, China is facing the powers of the industry from manufacturing to major, the urgent need for change, how to achieve change is an issue worth exploring in depth. That's no doubt that in the process of developing a new economy, it is more obvious than ever the competition between enterprises, in final analysis, is competition for talents.



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Even in a weak economy, businesses still compete for talent. Under the internet economy environment, the companies from FMCG industry face the competition of the global market, resource, technology and the personnel. However, we're able to provide adequate supply of individuals to meet your demand.