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Technical Manager

Our Client is a Euro company in automotive exhausting system products. Reporting line: Engineering Director

Main Responsibilities:

• Provide guidance to heavy duty engine development team for both test bench emission calibration and vehicle calibration;
• Cooperation with software development department for new software functions development;
• Build up Chinese calibration platform and regular maintenance;
• Project management from technology view;
• Regular meeting with customer;
• Project audit/review to development team;
• Calibration working pages build up and regular maintenance; 
• Project status report to management team.

Key Requirements:

  • Bachelor or above, Take precedence: first class university;
  • More than 5 years’ work in diesel engine development technology.
  • Good knowledge of diesel engine technology;
  • Good knowledge of electric control technology;
  • Good skill of project development quality control and process control;
  • Fluent speaking and writing in English;


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